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alone的反义词有那些 alone表单独的;
独自的的意思,那么你知道alone的反义 词有哪些吗接下来小编为大家整理了alone的反义词,希望对你有帮助哦! alone的反义词1:
together alone的反义词2:
accompanied alone词组习语:
go it alone 1. (非正式)单干 leave (或 let) someone/thing alone 1. 抛弃,放弃(某人或物) 2. 不妨碍,不打扰(某人或物) let alone alone同义词:
1."单独的,独自的"释义下的同义词 isolated unaccompanied solo lonely solitary 其他释义下的同义词 personally isolated apart unattended lone forsaken unaccompanied solo friendless solitary private lonely abandoned single alone的例句:
1. If you"re lonely when you"re alone, you"re in bad company.--Jean Paul Sartre如果你独处时感到寂寞,说明没有把自己陪好。

2. Don"t leave a child alone in a room with an open fire. 房间里有裸露的明火时,不要让孩子独处其中。

3. He knew when to leave well alone and when to interfere. 他知道什么时候该适可而止,什么时候该插手干预。

4. He had always been an outcast, unwanted and alone. 他一直都被视为异类,无人理睬,形单影只。

5. He was working alone and did not have an accomplice. 他在单干,没有同伙。

6. I can console myself with the fact that I"m not alone. 不是只有我一个人才这样,我可以用这一事实来安慰自己。

7. Michael was standing alone by the bar when Brian rejoined him. 布赖恩回到迈克尔身边时,他正一个人站在吧台旁边。

8. I would have to learn, little by little, to exist alone. 我得慢慢学会独自生活。

9. He lived alone, keeping close contact with his three grown-up sons. 他一个人住,与3个已经长大成人的儿子经常联系。

10. The doll-like figures in these stories are unlike anybody, let alone oneself. 这些故事中的玩偶形象跟谁都不像,更不用说像自己了。

11. Her parting words left him feeling empty and alone. 她分手时说的话让他感觉空虚孤独。

12. We were alone, completely private, with not even Angela present.就我们自己,没有其他人打扰,连安吉拉也不在。

13. The BBC alone is sending 300 technicians, directors and commentators. 单单英国广播公司就派出技术人员、导演、解说员等一行300人。

14. I"ll leave you alone here so you can mull it over. 我不打扰你了,你在这儿可以仔细考虑考虑这事儿。

15. He was living alone in a dingy bedsit in London. 他独自一人住在伦敦一间昏暗的客卧两用出租屋里。推荐访问:反义词 alone的反义词有那些 together反义词 alone的近义短语

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