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build的同义词辨析 build同义词:
build, construct, found, erect, establish, set up build同义词辨析:

build 普通用词,含义广泛,可指一切具体或抽象的建造或建立。

construct 较正式用词,强调根据一定计划进行的规模较大,结构较 复杂,要求较高技术的建造。

found 侧重打下基础或创办,具体或抽象事物均可用。

erect 侧重指对高而垂直物的建造。使用不如build广泛。

establish 着重稳固地建成,可具体指国家、政府、学校或商店等的建 立,也可指信仰、信用、名誉、法律、制度、规则等的建立。

set up 作"建立"用时,侧重于"开始"。可指具体或抽象的建立。

1. If you build more plastics into cars, the car lasts longer. 如果汽车采用更多塑料元件,寿命会更长一些。

2. She dusted herself down and left to build her own career. 她重振旗鼓去开创自己的事业了。

3. Dr. Johnson and I have been trying to build him up physically. 约翰逊医生和我一直试图增强他的体质。

4. The money to build the power station ought to have been sufficient.建设电站的资金本该足够了。

5. How much delay should we build into the plan 我们应该为这个计划预留多少富余的时间 6. Build her up with kindness and a sympathetic ear. 用友善和富有同情心的倾听来重拾她的信心。

7. Workers at the plant build the F-16 jet fighter. 这个工厂的工人建造F-16喷气式战斗机。

8. We can build up the speed gradually and safely. 我们可以逐渐稳妥地提高速度。

9. We hear endless injunctions to build a sense of community among staff. 我们听到上面没完没了地讲要在员工中培养一种集体归属感。

10. Their purpose is to build a fair society and a strong economy. 他们的目的是要建立一个公平的社会和一个强大的经济体。

11. Developers are now proposing to build a hotel on the site. 开发商现在建议在这个地方盖一座宾馆。

12. Nuclear plants are expensive to build, though cheap to operate. 核电站造价高昂,虽然运转费用低廉。

13. I am determined to build on this solid foundation. 我决定在这个坚实的基础之上继续努力。

14. Deposits of plaque build up between the tooth and the gum. 牙齿和牙龈之间会滋生牙斑。

15. For twenty-five years now he has laboured to build a religious community.他呕心沥血地建立一个宗教社区,至今已有25个年头。推荐访问:辨析 同义词 build build的同义词辨析 build怎么读 build用法及短语

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