destroy的同义词辨析 destroy的同义词

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destroy的同义词辨析 destroy同义词:
break, destroy, ruin, wreck, damage, spoil destroy同义词辨析:

break 普通用词,指某物因被打破或撕破而受到破坏,可指有形或无 形的破坏。

destroy 多指彻底地、毁灭性地破坏,含导致无用,不能或很难再修 复的意味。

ruin 多指因外部原因而受到严重破坏或毁灭,侧重破坏的彻底性,也 可用于引申意义。

wreck 侧重指船只、车辆、房屋等受到严重破坏或完全毁坏,也可指 计划健康受到损害。

damage 多指对无生命物体的损害,造成降低价值、破坏功能等后果。

spoil 强调不仅会削弱力量、精力或价值,而且会导致不可避免的毁 灭。

1. They can"t destroy truth without destroying each and every one of us. 除非他们将我们赶尽杀绝,否则真理不灭。

2. Frogs eat pests which destroy crops and carry diseases. 青蛙吃破坏庄稼、传播疾病的害虫。

3. After the killing, he calmly lit a fire to destroy evidence.杀人后,他镇定地点起火销毁罪证。

4. The dispute could destroy Australia"s hard-won reputation for industrial stability. 这场纠纷可能会让澳大利亚劳资关系稳定这一来之不易的名声毁于 一旦。

5. Criticizing will only destroy a relationship and create feelings of failure. 批评责备只能破坏关系,让人产生失败感。

6. To destroy 121 enemy aircraft is no mean record. 歼灭121架敌机是一个了不起的纪录。

7. In 1346 a hurricane whipped up the sea to destroy the town. 1346年的飓风引起海啸并摧毁了城镇。

8. Find and destroy, repeat destroy, these units. 找到并且销毁,重复一下,销毁这些部件。

9. Any reform will destroy and pervert our constitution. 任何改革都会破坏并歪曲我们的宪法。

10. It is proverbially easier to destroy than to construct. 谁都知道破坏容易建设难. 11. Destroy the old world and build a new one. 破坏旧世界,建设新世界. 12. Richard could easily destroy her personal property to punish her for walking out on him. 理查德能轻易毁掉她的私人财产来惩罚她对他的背叛。

13. They have the capability to destroy the enemy in days rather than weeks.他们有能力在几天内,而不是几个星期内消灭敌人。

14. The raiders continued on their mission — to seek out and destroy American air and sea forces. 突击队员继续执行着他们的任务——搜寻并摧毁美国空军、海军力量。

15. The virus can actually destroy those white blood cells, leaving the body wide open to attack from other infections. 该病毒实际上会破坏那些白血球,使身体极易受到其他传染病感染。推荐访问:辨析 同义词 destroy destroy的同义词辨析 destroy的同义词组 destroy全部词性


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