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mental的近义词中文翻译 mental近义词:
crazy, mad, mental mental近义词辨析:

crazy 通俗用词,指极度的神经错乱或精神失常,也指对事物的狂势, 失去自控能力。

mad 语气比crazy正式,但系普通用词。通常指人精神狂乱,完全不 能自我控制的一种病态。

mental 通常指患有精神病的。

1. The woman will be confined to a mental institution. 这个女人将被关进精神病院。

2. Attitudes to mental illness have shifted in recent years. 最近几年对精神病的态度已有所改变。

3. He hanged himself two hours after arriving at a mental hospital. 在到精神病医院两小时后他就上吊自杀了。

4. He was transferred to Shoal Creek Mental Institution for an indefinite period. 他被转到了肖尔溪精神病院,要在那里无限期地呆下去。

5. Many enjoy the mental stimulation of a challenging job. 很多人喜欢富有挑战性的工作所带来的强烈的精神刺激。6. Poor housing and family stress can affect both physical and mental health. 住房条件差、家庭压力大会影响身心两方面的健康。

7. The legal definition of "know" often presumes mental control. “知晓”的法律定义通常假定存在思维控制能力。

8. Her mental capacity and temperament are as remarkable as his. 她的才智和气质和他一样出众。

9. Her poems are modishly experi-mental in style and recondite in subject-matter. 她的诗在风格上是时髦的实验派,主题艰深难懂。

10. She made a mental note to have his prescription refilled. 她记着要拿他的处方再配一回药。

11. His intellect and mental agility have never been in doubt. 他的才智和机敏从未受到怀疑。

12. Heggie was remanded to a mental hospital for assessment by doctors. 赫吉被押往一所精神病院接受医生检查。

13. Cultivating a positive mental attitude towards yourself can reap tremendous benefits. 培养一种自信的积极心态会让人受益匪浅。

14. She made a mental note not to sit anywhere near him. 她心里牢牢记着不坐在他的附近。

15. Susan had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. 苏珊精神崩溃,被诊断为得了精神分裂症。推荐访问:中文翻译 近义词 mental mental的近义词中文翻译 decrease什么意思中文翻译 physical什么意思中文翻译

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