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英语完成句子专项练习及答案 英语完成句子专项练习及答案 ;一、it及there句型;1.__________(据报道)alotofp;2.__________(据报 道),alotof;3.__________(毫无疑 问)hewill;4.Hehasmadesomegreatmovi;5.__________(没必 要)foryout;6.__________(碰巧)Ihadbeen;7._ 英语完成句子专项练习及答案 一、it及there句型 1. __________(据报道)a lot of people lost their jobs in the city last month.(report) 2. __________(据报道), a lot of people lost their jobs in the city last month.(report) 3. __________ (毫无疑问)he will be admitted to the key university.(doubt) 4. He has made some great movies. __________(这一点是毫无疑问 的).(doubt) 5. __________(没必要)for you to get up early tomorrow.(need) 6. __________(碰巧)I had been away when he called.(happen) 7. __________(看来)nobody knows what has happened.(seem) 8. __________(看起来似乎)it"s going to rain.(look) 9. __________(很可能)the thieves don’t know how much it is worth.(likely) 10. __________(我也许可以)to leave a message for her.(possible) 1. It’s reported that 2. As is reported 3. There is no doubt that 4. There is no doubt about it5. There is no need 6. It happened that 7. It seems that 8. It looks as if 9. It’s likely that 10.It’s possible for me 11. It’s no use __________(为打翻的牛奶而哭泣).(cry) 12. __________(抱怨是毫无用处的), they never listen.(use) 13. __________(难怪)you’ve achieved so much success.(wonder) 14. __________(很明确)most of the farmers have brought in more money by all means.(certain) 15. __________(据说)the professor has already succeeded in carrying out this experiment.(say) 16. The professor is said __________(已成功)in carrying out this experiment.(succeed)(比较句型15) 17. __________(感到遗憾)I haven’t been to the get-together.(pity) 18 __________(使之成为一种惯例)that I get up at six every day in the morning.(rule) 19. I __________(认为有必要)to take plenty of hot water every day.(think) 20. It’s high time that we __________(采取措施)to stop pollution.(take) 11. crying over spilt milk 12. It’s/There is no use complaining 13. It’s no wonder that 14. It’s certain that 15. It’s said that 16. to have succeeded 17. I feel it a pity that 18. I have made it a rule 19. think it (is) necessary 20. took/should take measures 21. __________(要花费她很长时间)to recover from the illness.(take) 22. This/It is the third time that I __________(看那部电影).(see) 23. It was the first time that she __________(到长城).(be) 24. It is / has been two years __________ (自从他出国).(go)25. __________ (对你没什么差别)whether I like it or not,because you never listen to me.(make) 26. __________(用不了多久)before we know the result of the experiment.(be) 27. Measures have been taken to solve the problem,but __________(可 能要过段时间)before the situation improves.(some) 28. __________(没关系)the weather was bad.(matter) 29. __________(是否要紧)whether we go together or separately(matter) 30. __________(我突然想起)that he might have forgotten our date.(occur) 21. It will take her a long time 22. have seen the film 23. had been to the Great wall 24. since he went abroad 25. It makes no difference to you 26. It won’t be long 27. it may be some time 28. It didn’t matter that 29. Does it matter 30. It occurred to me 31.__________(可能性不大)he will change his mind.(chance) 32.__________(很可能)we will go to Beijing.(chance) 33.__________(似乎有)hundreds of people in the field;it was quite full.(seem) 34.__________(曾经有)a church at the corner of the street.(be) 35. She__________(阐明清楚)she had nothing to do with the decision.(make) 36. I__________(确定)everything is ready.(see) 37. What a pity my new computer doesn’t work. __________(一定有什 么问题)with it.(wrong) 38. __________(结果)she was a friend of my sister.(turn) 39. Come and see me when__________(你方便的时候).(convenient)40. __________(没多大意义)complaining . It doesn’t make difference.(point) 31.There is little chance that 32. There is a good/high chance that/There are chances that/Chances are that 33. There seemed to be 34. There used to be 35. made it clear that 36. will see (to it) that 37. There must be something wrong 38. It turned out that 39. it’s convenient to/for you 40. There is not much point (in) 二、强调句型 1. __________(是他们)who/that went to the cinema with me yesterday.(be) 2. It was__________(当她正要离开时)that the telephone rang.(about) 3. __________ (是因为坏天气)that the football match had to be put off(because of) 4. __________(究竟是什么)you wanted to tell her(be) 5. I just wonder __________(究竟是什么)makes him so excited.(be) 6. I really don’t know __________(究竟在哪儿)he bought the cell phone.(be) 7. It was __________(直到昨天下午)that I knew the truth.(until) 8. It was __________ (直到他来到中国)that he knew what kind of a country she was(until) 9. __________(直到她进入教室)that she realized she had forgotten her book(enter) 10. It was in this very lab that was in the charge of John __________(他 们做了实验).(experiment) 1. It was they 2. when she was about to leave 3. Was it because of the bad weather 4. What was it that 5. what it is that 6. where it was that 7. not until yesterday afternoon 8. not until he came to China 9. Was is not until she entered the classroom 10. that they did the experiment.三、倒装 1. — My room gets very cold at night. —__________(我的也是).(so) 2. — I don’t think I can walk any further. —__________(我也是)(neither) 3. — He is a maths teacher but he likes English. —__________ (他的妹妹也是)(same) 4. Little __________(他关心自己的安全)though he was in great danger himself.(care) 5. I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in all my life __________(我感觉如此高兴).(feel) 6. Seldom __________(他们彼此吵架)since they got married.(quarrel) 7. Not until __________(我向他解释了所有的事情)did he realize that he was wrong.(explain) 8. Not until I began to work __________(我才意识到)how much time I had wasted.(realize) 9. So __________(他讲得清楚)that even beginners understand most of what he says.(speak) 10. So __________(考试如此难)that only a few students passed it.(difficult) 1. So does mine. 2. Neither can I 3. It’s the same with his sister/The same is true of his sister. 4. did he care about his own safety 5. had I felt so happy. 6. have they quarreled with each other 7. I had explained all to him 8. did I realize 9. clearly does he speak 10. difficult was the exam 11. Such __________(他取得很大进步)that he was praised.(make) 12. __________(只有通过采取行动)can we improve thesituation.(action) 13. Only when your identity has been checked __________ (你才允许进 入).(allow) 14. Not only __________(要帮助)the disabled to find jobs, but also medical treatment will be provided for those who need it.(give) 15. __________ (我一到达)at the station than the train left.(sooner) 16. Hardly / Scarcely __________ (他转过身)when everybody burst out laughing.(turn) 17. __________(尽管听起来可能很奇怪), his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting.(as) 18. __________(尽管我很喜欢它), I won’t buy it.(as) 19. __________(尽管他是个孩子), he knows a lot of things.(as) 20. Neither has he called on her, __________(将来他也不会那样 做).(nor) 21. The more you explain, __________(我愈糊涂).(confuse) 22. __________(无论他多么晚), his mother would wait for him to have dinner together.(however) 23. __________(万一明天下雨), we would have to put off the visit to Beijing.(rain) 24. __________(要是那个男孩更努力一些),he might have got through the exam.(work) 25. A better understanding of the environment is necessary, __________(行动的愿望也是必要的)(.as) 11. great progress had he made 12. Only by taking action 13. will you be allowed in 14. will help be given to 15. No sooner had I arrived / I had no sooner arrived 16. had he turned around 17. Strange as it might sound 18.Much as I like it 19. Child as he is 20. nor will he do so 21. the more confused I am /get 22. However late he was 23. Should itrain/ Were it to rain tomorrow 24. Had the boy worked harder 25. as is the willingness to act 四、虚拟语气及情态动词 1. __________ (会发生什么事)if the earth suddenly stopped turning(happen) 2. If __________ (明天天气好),I would go on a trip.(be) 3. __________ (若她知道)that Mary would come to see her, she would never have gone to the party.(know) 4. If you hadn’t seen that film last night, you __________(不会如此疲 倦)now.(be) 5. I didn’t know his telephone number otherwise I __________(会给他打 电话).(telephone) 6. But for the help of my teachers, I __________(不可能取得如此大的 进步).(make) 7. Without your help, I __________(不会成功)anyway.(succeed) 8. I suggested not only __________(他出席会议)but also give a speech there.(attend) 9. Mike’s father, as well as his mother insisted that he __________(该呆 在家里).(stay) 10. —Guess what! I have got A for my term paper. —Great! You __________(一定阅读广泛)and put a lot of work into it.(read) 1. What would happen 2. it should be / were fine tomorrow 3. If she had known / Had she known 4. wouldn’t be so sleepy 5. would have telephoned him 6. couldn’t have made such progress7. wouldn’t have succeeded 8. should he attend the meeting 9. (should) stay (at) home 10. must have read widely 11. It’s possible that the king of Stonehenge was linked to the stones: he __________(可能参与)in planning the monument, or in helping transport and pull up the stones.(hand)12. He __________(本来可以给更多帮助)even though he was very busy.(give) 13. I didn’t see her in the meeting-room this morning, she __________(不可能发言)at the meeting.(speak) 14. My English-Chinese dictionary has disappeared. Who __________(可能拿了)(take) 15. I __________(本来能借给你自行车),why didn’t you ask me(lend) 16. The careless man received a ticket for speeding, he __________(本不 应该开那么快).(drive) 17. There was plenty of time, she __________(本不必匆忙).(hurry) 18. Frank called me yesterday, but I __________ (宁愿他没有).(rather) 19. I am afraid I am busy tonight, so I would rather you __________(你 不来).(come) 20. Jim is a good boy;
we __________(怎么表扬他也不过分).(too) 11. may/might have had a hand 12. might have given you more help 13. can’t / couldn’t have spoken 14. could / can have taken it 15. could have lent you my bike 16. shouldn’t / oughtn’t to have driven so fast 17. needn’t have hurried 18. would rather he hadn’t 19. didn’t come 20. can’t praise him too much 五、with+宾语+宾语补足语结构 1. They sat together around the table, with __________(门关着).(shut) 2. They pretended to be working all night, with __________(灯亮 着).(burn) 3. I can’t go out to play, with __________ (如此多作业要做).(do) 4. The children came running toward us, with__________(手里拿着 花)(hand)5. With __________(考试结束), we had a long time to rest.(over) 6. With __________(这么多人来到现场), I felt nervous.(present) 1.the door shut 2. their(the) light burning 3. so much homework to do 4. flowers in their hands. 5. the examinations over 6. so many people present 六、倍数表达法 1. Staying in a hotel for a day costs __________(两倍)renting a house in the country for a week.(as) 2. Paper produced every year is __________(是……三倍重)the world’s population of vehicles.(weight) 3. —How did you find your visit to the museum —I really enjoyed it. It was __________(比我预料的有趣多了).(than) 4. We have produced __________(两倍多的棉花)this year as we did last year.(twice) 1. twice as much as2. three times the weight of 3. far more interesting than I had expected 4. twice as much cotton 七、非谓语动词 1. —Have you got anything __________(要做)this evening(do) —I would like you to go shopping with me. 2. I’m going to Wuhan. Do you have anything __________(要带过 去)there(take) 3. He seems __________(陷入深思), without noticing me passing him.(think) 4. He is said __________(派往)London already.(send) 5. She is said __________(一直在写)the novel about New York for years.(write)6. For a fresh man of society, the question is __________(怎样开始工 作)(start) 7. The news reporters hurried to the airport, __________(结果被告知)the film stars had left.(tell) 8. I had nothing to do but __________(呆在家里)for another year, waiting for a chance.(stay) 9. __________(锻炼)early in the morning has become part of her retired life.(exercise) 10. __________(居住)in New York for years, I know each part of it very well.(live) 1. to do 2 to be taken 3.. to be thinking deeply 4. to have been sent to 5. to have been writing 6. how to start work. 7. only to be told 8. stay (at) home 9. Taking exercise 10. Having lived 11. __________(一直没有收到)any letter from him for so long, I gave him a call.(receive) 12. __________(住得离公司远), I have to get up early every morning.(live) 13. The fire lasted nearly a month, __________(没留下任何有价值的东 西).(leave) 14. If you want to __________(使自己受尊重), you are above all to respect others.(make) 15. __________(陷入沉思), he got knocked over by a bike, unable to stand up for the moment.(lose) 16. __________(下定决心改变), he entered a hospital-based diet program and dropped over 70 pounds.(determine) 17. __________(所有的票都卖出去了), we had to wait for the next week’s show.(sell) 18. The river looks more beautiful, __________(两岸长满了鲜花和绿 草).(grow)19. Then last night, I followed him here, and climbed in, __________(手 里拿着剑).(sword) 20. Could you show me the computer you want __________(要修理 的).(have) 21. She’ll __________(让你一直站)if you don’t listen to her.(have) 22. He realized that he did not want __________(让她与他一起 去).(have) 11. Not having received 12. Living far from my company 13. leaving nothing valuable 14. make yourself respected 15. Lost in thought 16. Determined to change 17. All/With all the tickets(having been)sold out 18. (with)flowers and grass growing on both sides 19. sword in hand / with a sword in my hand 20. to have repaired 21. have you standing all the time 22. to have her go with him 八、时态语态 1. When you phoned yesterday, I __________(在下象棋)with my daughter.(play) 2. Frank was about to leave __________(这时他注意到地板上有封 信).(lie) 3. Great changes in every field __________(发生)in the last ten years.(take) 4. My hands are dirty, I __________(一直在漆门).(paint) 5. I __________(自学完数学)by the age of fourteen.(learn) 6. By next week, we __________(将学完2000个生词).(learn) 7. I __________ (遭遇大雪)in the course of climbing Mount Tai.(get) 8. His work __________ (得到高度评价)by the experts.(think) 9. I went to school on foot this morning, because my bike __________(正 在修理).(repair)10. By the time the fire men arrived at the building, the fire __________(已被扑灭了)by the nearby citizens.(put) 1. was playing chess 2. when he noticed a letter lying on the floor 3 have taken place 4. have been painting the door 5. had learned maths (all) by myself 6. will have learned 2000 new words 7. got caught in the heavy snow 8. was thought highly of 9. was being repaired 10. had been put out 九、各类从句 1. When I saw a lot of people gathering over there, I went over to see __________(怎么回事)(.matter) 2. I doubt __________(他是否会来)soon.(come) 3. Can you tell me __________(怎样到达)the railway station(get) 4. __________(你认为谁)is the best football player in your city(think) 5. Where do you think __________(我们应见面)(meet) 6. __________(他们所拥有的共同之处)is that they are all independent.(common) 7. Shanghai is no longer __________(它过去的样子).(be) 8. We are talking about __________(是否该让学生加入我们的俱乐 部).(admit) 9. I am just wondering __________(是否再等一小时)or just start off right away.(admit) 10. The question is __________ (我们是否降低)the cost of the product.(reduce) 1. what was the matter 2. whether/if he will come 3. how I can get to 4. Who do you think 5. we should meet 6. What they have in common 7. what it used to be 8. whether we should admit students into our club 9. whether to wait for another hour 10. whether we can reduce11. It was uncertain __________ (他是否会来).(come) 12. __________ (他是否出过国)doesn’t make much difference.(abroad) 13. The question __________(我们是否应召请)a specialist was answered by the family doctor.(call) 14. The reason why she couldn’t come to meeting __________(是她没有 被邀请)(invite) 15. The reason for such a serious accident is that __________(司机喝酒 太多).(drink) 16. He didn’t tell the teacher the reason __________ (可以解释他的缺 席)(explain) 17. Is this the reason __________ (你为什么赞同我的观点)(favor) 18. You are saying that everyone should be equal and this is __________(我不同意的方面).(disagree) 19. A modern city has been set up in __________ (十年前是一片荒地的 地方)ten years ago.(be, wasteland) 20. We wrote a letter of thanks to __________(凡是帮助过我们 的).(whoever) 11. whether he would come 12. Whether he has been abroad or not 13. whether we ought to / should call in 14. was that she hadn’t been invited 15. the driver drank too much 16. that/which could explain his absence 17. why/ for which you are in favor of my opinion 18. where I disagree 9. what was a wasteland 20. whoever had helped us 21. There was a time __________ (他讨厌上学).(hate) 22. I borrowed three books from the library, __________(其中的两 本)are really worth reading.(two) 23. The boys, __________(其中较高的一个)could not reach the shelf, went to look for something to stand on.(tall)24. It was the gate __________(在那儿他告诉了我好消息).(tell)推荐访问:

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