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close up是什么意思

close up是什么意思 close up是什么意思 (使) 闭合;
(使) 关店;
close up英英释义 close up n. a photograph taken at close range 同义词:
closeup v. cease to operate or cause to cease operating 同义词:
close fold shut down close down block passage through 同义词:
obstruct obturate impede occlude jam block unite or bring into contact or bring together the edges of 同义词:
close refuse to talk or stop talking;
fall silent 同义词:
clam up dummy up shut up belt up button up be quiet keep mum adv. very close 同义词:
at close range close up 的英语例句 1、Do not close up your heart. 不要把你的心关起。2、Or will you close up like a shell and torture your partner with inconsolable silence 或者你会像个贝壳那样关闭自己用极度沮丧的沉默折磨你的情人 3、Or will you close up like a shell and torture your partner with inconsolable silence 或者像贝壳一样的关闭自己让你的另一半默默承受着无法被安慰的 痛苦 4、As a self-employed businessowner, you"ll have to go in and give it your best effort no matterhowyou feel or close up shop if you don"t have employees who can fill in. 但是作为一名创业的企业家,你要坚持下去,不管你感觉如何都要尽 自己最大的努力,也不能因为找不到替你的员工就关门休息。

5、I think it was Charlie Chaplin who said that close up, human life is tragic, but from a distance, it’s funny. 我想应该是查理卓别林说的这句话吧:靠近看,人生就是个悲剧,但 从远处看,又很有趣。

6、Close up, they shine sort of like opal, and they taste like sweet sweet sesame. 凑近看,这种糖看上去像猫眼石那样油亮,吃起来是甜甜的芝麻味。

7、He never thought he would see anything like that – when viewed really close up our eyes looklike some dramatic surfaces of far and unknown planets. 他从来没想到他会看到这样的景象,当非常近距离的观察我们的眼睛 时,眼睛呈现出如外星球上才有的神奇景象。

8、Close up, she could see his chiseled face, a small cleft in his chin. 走近了,她看见他轮廓清晰的脸盘,下巴上有道小逢。

9、ConocoPhillips ( COP, news, msgs) is going to simply close up shop, liquidate its assets anddistribute them to shareholders.而康非石油公司只消把门那么一关,把资产都变了现,然后把钱分到 股东手中。

10、In July, when one of her two remaining clients forgot about a meeting — and then blamed Ms.Kero for not reminding her about it — she decided to close up shop. 在2010年七月,当她公司仅剩的两个客户之一忘记了某个会议,责备 卡瑞女士没有提醒她(有会议)时,她决定关掉自己的店。

11、Britain"s Royal Air Force chiefs are preparing to cut 10000 staff and close up to 5 large airbases, The Times reported. 据英国《泰晤士报》报道,英国皇家空军领导层正计划进行大规模裁 军:裁减空军员额一万人,关闭多达5个空军基地。

12、When asked more about what he finds great about Lean, Jim said this to close up ourconversation 当被进一步问到关于精益他有什么不同寻常的发现的时候,Jim用了 下面这段话来结束了我们的访谈 13、They close up their callous hearts, and their mouths speak with arrogance . 他们的心被脂油包裹;他们用口说骄傲的话。

14、How about staying around and helping me close up shop 围绕如何保持和帮助我关门大吉了 15、I"ve seen that rifle close up. Have you 我曾经很近地见过那把枪你见过 16、I"d like to inform you that the computer system of our company will close up by the end of nextWedsday for boosting the effeciency of that mechanism. 我想通知你我们公司的电脑系统将在下周三关闭。因为我们要提高公 司电脑系统是我们的工作更有效。17、She stepped close up;
her black eyes flashing with passion and resolution. 她走近他;她的黑眼睛闪烁着激情与决心。

18、None of us carried keys;
the last one in for the evening would close up, and that was it. 我们谁都不带钥匙;晚上最后一个回家的人把门关上,这就行了。

19、None of us carried keys;
the last one in for the evening would close up, and that was it. 我们谁都不带钥匙;晚上最后一个回家的人把门关上,这就行了。推荐访问:close close up是什么意思 中国女人closeup


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