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10月1日的英文 10月1日的英语意思 October 1st 10月1日的相关英语例句 1. She is to retire as from 1 October. 她将于10月1日退休。

2. He entered on his second year of office as Premier on Oct . 1. 10月1日他进入了首相任期的第二个年头. 3. The People"s Republic of China was founded on October 1, 1949. 中华人民共和国于1949年10月1日成立. 4. On October 1 , 1949, Chairman Mao proclaimed the birth of the People"s Republic of China. 1949年10月1日, 毛主席宣布了中华人民共和国的诞生. 5. The letter is dated October 1 st. 这封信的日期是10月1日. 6. On October 1 st 1980, she got married with Li Qiang. 在1980年10月1日, 她与李强结了婚. 7. To post your letter for the period ending with Oct .1. 发信截止日期为10月1日. 8. October 1 is a red - letter day for the Chinese people. 10月1日是中国人民的一个大喜日子. 9. The new coins will be put into ~ beginning from Oct . 1. 新辅币将从10月1日起开始流通.10. October 1 st is our National Day. 10月1日是我们的国庆日. 11. They gave their first show on October 1. 他们在10月1日进行了首次演出. 12. A message to the MPC bounced. Do I need to resend it [ Added 2004 Oct. 1 ] 上报被MPC退回,我需要再次上报 吗 [ 添加2004年10月1日 ] 13. Julia Elizabeth Wells was born in Walton - on - Thames , England, on October 1 st 1935. 1935年10月1日,朱丽叶. 伊里莎白.威尔丝出生在英国泰吾士河畔的 瓦尔顿. 14. They are getting ready for their public debut on October 1 st. 它们正在准备10月1日的首场公开演出. 15. On October 1 st 1908, Ford Motor Corp. officially released its T - type Hardtop. 1908年10月1日福特汽车公司正式发售 T 型车. 10月1日的英文例句 I did that for about 10 months of period, and that resulted it being a better or the best Chinese search technology. 这样做了有10个月之久,结果就是,百度拥有了更好或者是最好的中 文搜索技术。

I think the application deadline was November 1st, it might have been October 30th. 我觉得申请的截止日期是11月1日,或是10月30日。

The monthly tests are the following dates: September 29, October 27, November 17.月考的时间是:,9月29号,10月27号,和11月17号。

one is to look at the sequence of event, look at these sequence in October 29, stock market crashed, two month later, 9% unemployment peaked at 9%. 一种是看看事件发生的时间,看看顺序,10月29号,股票市场崩溃, 两个月后,失业率上升到。

One of the studies that I did for my first book, Pioneering Portfolio Management, looked at the behavior of endowments and foundations around the crash in October 1987. 我为第一本书《机构投资的创新之路》,所做的其中一个研究,是关于 1987年10月那次股灾前后,各种捐赠和基金的表现 Ten-month-olds, for instance, give different sorts of smiles. 例如,10个月大的孩子,给出不同的微笑。

So seriously, you fortunate Yalies, that they will be here on April 9 and 10 of 2008, an international conference on the subject of the hoplite phalanx and the emergence of the city state. 你们这些幸运的耶鲁学生们,2008年4月9日到10日将会看到,关于重步 兵方阵和城邦起源话题的,国际会议 But I will say, once you know your final exams,schedule And, you should know that about October 1. 但我会说,知道你们的期末考试就开始计划吧,你应该知道10月1号。

I used to talk about the crash in October 1987 without explaining what it was and I do still teach a seminar in the economics department in the Fall. 之前我提过1987年10月的股灾,但没有详细解释具体情况,秋季学期我 仍然会在经济系,开一个关于那次股灾的研讨班 I went back and took a closer look at Roger Ibbotson"s data and there are lots of examples that will illustrate this point, but the most dramatic occurs around the crash in October 1929. 我进一步查看了罗格·伊博森的数据,诸多例子都能说明这一点,但是 印象最深刻的,发生于1929年10月的那次股灾For the ten years ended June 30,2005, it returned 9.9% per year and then the average return for the actively managed equity fund was 9.6% per year, so we"re back to that thirty basis points. 截至2005年6月30日的10年间,该指数年收益率为9.9%,而主动管理型 股权基金的年平收益率为9.6%,我们落后30个基点 I started talking about what happened in October 1987 and I looked around the room and I realized that I think the students were three or four years old in 1987 and weren"t yet reading The Wall Street Journal. 当我提到1987年10月所发生的事,我环顾整个教室,意识到,1987年在 座各位可能只有三四岁,还没有读过那时的《华尔街日报》 It took these institutions until 1993--a full six years-- to get their bond allocation back down to where it had been prior to the crash in October 1987. 这些机构直至1993年,整整六年时间,才恢复到1987年10月崩盘之前的, 债券投资配置 There was a huge rally in treasury bonds on October 19, 1987. 987年10月19日,长期国债的价格大幅上升 10月1日的英语作文 Moduel 1 There are a lot of holidays for chinese people, such as National day, May Day, etc. However, chinese people look on spring festival as their most important one of all.And it"s also my favorite festival, especially when I was a child, because In those days, I could have a plenty of delicious food to eat, enjoy a very long holiday and wear beautiful clothes. And what is more important is that I could received much new year"s gift money. So, everyyear, I expected the spring festival would come soon. After I grew up, it"s no longer as important to me as before . For I can have my delicious food and wear my favorite clothes every day. It"s like I"m having spring festival every day! Moduel 2 National Day is coming,and we can have a seven-day.My family are going to Hainan.It"s a good seaside city.We are staying there for a week. We are going to the beach and going swimming in the sea.We"re visiting Tianya Haijiao,Wanquan River and many other beautiful places.I think we"ll have a good time there. 国庆节来了,我有七天的假期。我们一家去海南。那是一个美丽的海滨城市。我们在那里待上一个星期。我们去沙滩,还在海里游泳。我们游览“天 涯海角”,菀泉河还有别的许多好地方。我想我们在那里会玩得很开心。

Moduel 3 The year is the annual National Day on October 1, the birthday of our great motherland. Along with ups and downs, it"s been 55 years of our mothers, this day, this nation will celebrate the festival at the venue. 每年的十月一日是一年一度的国庆节,是我们伟大祖国母亲的生日。

伴随着风风雨雨,我们的母亲祖国已经55周岁了,这一天,举国上下都在欢度庆 祝这一节日。


伴随着风风雨雨,我们的母亲祖国已经55周岁了,这一天,举国上下都在欢度庆 祝这一节日。

有的做贺卡、开主题班会;还有的通过日记、诗歌等形式纷纷表达对祖国妈妈的 爱。国庆长假,同学们跟爸爸妈妈一起走出家门,游览名胜古迹,领略祖国的伟 大文化。商店的门口悬挂着气球和彩旗,有红的、有黄的、有绿的……洋溢着喜 庆的气氛。里面人声鼎沸,原来都在打折、开展系列促销活动。街上人山人海, 就连坐车买票也要排着长长的队伍,打的也要等好长时间。风景区的游人有如长 龙,不计其数,男女老少尽在其中,人们都趁着节日出来游玩。停车场几乎没有 空位子,饭店,宾馆的收入一定十分可观。

远方北京的叔叔打来电话告诉我们,北京国庆热闹非凡。我很想去北 京,看看天安门,看看我们伟大首都的面貌,我和叔叔已经约好明年暑假一起同 畅游北京。

国庆节是一个快乐的节日,人民的生活水平真的提高得很快。我们在 祖国妈妈的怀抱中,幸福、快乐地成长,愿祖国妈妈永远美丽、永远繁荣,愿祖 国一年比一年兴旺、发达!推荐访问:英文 10月1日的英文 10月1日翻译成英文 十月用英语怎么说

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