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关于每日英语短文朗读 关于每日英语短文篇一 Many years ago, working in the big cities is most college students’ goal, because big cities provide students more chances to get successful. But now, things have changed, many students choose to work as the village officials. 许多年前,在大城市工作是大多数大学生目标,因为大城市提供学生更 多的机会获得成功。但是现在,事情发生了变化,许多学生选择做村官。

First, the government encourages college students to work in the village and it provides many advantages for college students when they finished the service. The students will be endowed with some priorities when they take part in the exam of civil servants. It is so alluring, so they are willing to spend a few years’ youth to get the priorities. 首先,政府鼓励大学生到乡村工作,当他们完成了这项服务,政府为大 学生提供了很多优势。当大学生参加公务员的考试,将被赋予一些优先权力。面 对如此强烈的诱惑,他们愿意花几年的青春去获得优先权。

Second, it is good for college students to serve in the village. They are knowledgeable and have the advanced skills. They can return the society, at the same time, they will bring some good changes to the village. When people find a way to make a contribution to the society, they will be very satisfied and proud of themselves. 其次,服务乡村对大学生是好的。他们知识渊博,有高级技能。他们可 以回报社会,与此同时,他们会给村庄带来一些好的改变。当人们找到一种方法来 对社会做出贡献,他们会非常满意和为自己自豪。

In the future, there will be more and more college students choose to work as village officials. It is good for them to make a contribution to the society. 在未来,将会有越来越多的大学生选择村官工作。对他们而言,为社会 做出贡献是好的。

关于每日英语短文篇二 It has been obvious that Chinese economy develops very fast because of the policy of reform and open. More and more people get rich, they can buy what they want, as people’s life standard improves, people begin to chase after material, theyuse the money to buy brand, just to enjoy the feeling of spending money. The money should be spent in a reasonable way. 很显然的,中国的经济发展很快,因为改革开放的政策。越来越多的 人变得富有,他们可以买自己想要的,随着人们生活水平的提高,人们开始追求 物质,他们用钱来买牌子,仅仅是为了享受花钱的感觉。然而钱应该花得合理点。

When we listen to the young people, we can find that they care about the brand so much. For boys, they talk about the cars, they get to know every brand of the car and judge people according to the price. For girls, they like to make up, they talk about the clothes’ brand, they like to compare with each other in a way of comparing the clothes’ price. 当我们聆听年轻人的时候,我们可以发现他们很在意牌子。对于男孩 子来说,他们谈论车子,了解车子的每个牌子,根据价格来判断人。对于女孩子 来说,她们喜欢化妆,谈论衣服的牌子,她们喜欢通过比较衣服的价格来彼此攀 比。

When people get rich, they want to use the money to buy the enjoyable feeling, brand is the best way to show their status, so people will chase after the brand. But they always get in the trap of chasing after the brand blindly, they can use the money in the reasonable way. 当人们变得富裕,他们想要通过使用钱来买享受的感觉,牌子是显示 他们地位的最好方式,所以人们会追求牌子。但是他们总是陷入了盲目追求牌子 的陷阱,他们可以通过合理方式来消费金钱。

Though with much money, people don’t have to buy the expensive thing to show off themselves, with less money, they still can buy the things as good as the brand. 虽然有很多钱,但是人们没有必要去买贵的东西来炫耀自己,即使钱 没那么多,他们仍然可以买到和牌子一样好的东西。

关于每日英语短文篇三 Learning the English songs is one of the efficient ways to learn English. It can catch the students’ interest and the rhythm helps them to remember the words better. Most students learn English songs from the classic groups, like Backstreet Boys. While the group Westlife shares the same reputation. 学习英文歌曲是学习英语的有效方法之一。它能抓住学生的兴趣,而 且节奏可以帮助他们更好地记住单词。大多数学生学习英语歌曲从经典组合开始,比如后街男孩。而团体西城男孩有着同样的声誉。

In China, most young people have heard about the songs from Westlife. It is a group from Ireland and they got famous in the early 2000. At first, this group was made up of five handsome boys, but one boy left the group later. Their songs are lyric styles and are welcomed by the Asian fans especially. The songs like My Love and You Raise Me Up are known to all. 在中国,大多数年轻人听过西城男孩的歌曲。这个团体来自爱尔兰,他 们早在2000就出名了。起初,这个小组是由五个英俊的男孩,但其中一个男孩后面 退团了。他们的歌曲是抒情风格,尤其受到亚洲歌迷的欢迎。歌曲如《我的爱》 和《你鼓舞了我》是众所周知的。

Westlife has created many records. They have the most champion songs for the group, which making them the most popular singers around the world. Every group will has its end day, so as to Westlife, they dismissed a few years ago. But today still a lot of fans remember them and hope to see them again. 西城男孩创造了很多记录。他们是拥有最多冠军歌曲的团体,这使得 他们是世界上最受欢迎的歌手。每个组合都会有解散的一天,西城男孩也不例外, 他们几年前就解散了。但今天仍然有很多歌迷还记得他们,希望能再看到他们。推荐访问:英语 短文 朗读 关于每日英语短文朗读 英语四级口语考试短文朗读范文 英语四级口语短文朗读范文

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