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minority的有关短语 minority表示少数;
少数民族的意思,那么你知道minority的短语有哪 些吗接下来小编为大家整理了minority短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! minority的短语:
be (或 find oneself) in a minority of one 1. (常幽默)是孤家寡人;得不到任何支持 in the minority 1. 属少数派;占少数的 minority的短语例句:
1. A minority of officers were prepared to bend the rules. 少数官员准备篡改规则。

2. Only a minority of the people supported the Revolution. 只有少数人支持这场革命。

3. In the past conservatives have been in the minority. 过去保守派一直占少数。

4. Local authority nursery provision covers only a tiny minority of working mothers. 当地政府提供的保育服务只有少数上班族母亲才能够享受到。

5. Minority cultures within the United States often raised issues of cross-cultural conflict. 美国的少数民族文化经常引发跨文化冲突问题。

6. We cannot make this minority a convenient excuse to turn our backs.我们不能拿少数这几个人作为一种方便的借口而对此置之不理。

7. The South African president has negotiated an end to white-minority rule. 南非总统已通过谈判达成协议,结束了少数白人的统治。

8. A final settlement must respect minority rights. 最终的解决方案必须尊重少数群体的权利。

9. These children are only a small minority. 这些孩子只是很少的一部分。

10. Only a tiny minority hold such extreme views. 只有极少数人持这样极端的观点。

11. Boys are very much in the minority at the dancing class. 舞蹈班里男生占极少数. 12. Only a minority of British households do not have a car. 英国只有少数家庭没有汽车. 13. The minority nationalities account for six per cent of the population. 少数民族占人口的百分之六. 14. The nation wants peace;
only a minority want the war to continue. 国家要和平, 只有少数人要战争继续下去. 15. The minority should submit to the majority. 少数应服从多数.推荐访问:短语 minority minority的有关短语 initiative majority


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