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charge的英语短语和用法 charge的英语短语:
1. have charge of sth [sb] 负责照顾或管理某物或某人。如:
He has charge of the branch. 他主管分店。

Doctors have charge of sick people. 医生负责照顾病人。

2. in charge of 负责管理,主管。如:
Mr Smith is in charge of the factory. 史密斯先生负责管理这个工厂。

Mary is in charge of the children. 玛丽负责照顾这些孩子。

注:有时可以不出现 of 短语。如:
Who is in charge here 这里谁负责 3. in the charge of 在……的管理(负责)之下。如:
The factory is in the charge of my father. 这家工厂由我父亲负责。

Mr Smith is in charge of our class. =Our class is in the charge of Mr Smith. 我们班由史密斯先生负责。

注:in the charge of 中的介词 in 有时可换为 under。如:
The baby is in [under] her charge. 这个婴儿由她照看。

4. take charge of 管理,负责。如:
Soon he will take charge of the department. 他很快会来负责管理这个 部门。The department was badly organized until she took charge (of it). 这个部门在她负责管理以前组织工作做得很差。

5. charge some money for sth 因为某事物而索取钱。如:
How much do you charge for a room with a bath 一间带浴室的房间要 多少钱 They’ll charge at least 50 dollars for doing it. 做这工作他们至少要索 50美元。

注:若要指明是向谁而索,可在 charge 后加 sb。如:
He charged me five dollars for this magazine. 这本杂志他向我要了五 美元。

I’m not going there again --- they charged me $2foracup of coffee. 我再 也不去那里了---- 一杯咖啡就要了我一美元。

6. charge sb with sth 指控某人做某事,因为某事而控告某人。如:
She charged him with cheating. 她告他进行欺骗。

The police are going to charge him with murder. 警方准备控告他谋杀 罪。

He was charged with stealing. 他被指控偷盗。

charge的用法1:charge的基本意思是“装载”“填充”直到满负荷,由此产 生许多新义,如“使充满”“命令”“使承担”“冲锋”“收费”等,美语中还可表示“控告”。


charge的用法2:charge用作及物动词时,接名词或代词作宾语。作“控 告”解时,可以接that引导的从句。作“收费”解时,可以接双宾语,可用于被动结构;表示“价格贵”或“收费贵”时,不能说charge expensively,而用too much或heavily等 修饰。

charge的用法3:charge用作不及物动词时,常接for表示“收…的费”,接 down表示“冲锋”。

作“指责,指 控,控告”解时,是可数名词,且后可接that从句作同位语;
作“收费,要价”解时,主要 指因某种服务而索取的费用,是可数名词。

charge的用法5:in charge of表示“某人负责或照管某人〔物〕”;
in the charge of则表示“某人〔物〕由某人负责或照管”。推荐访问:英语 短语 用法 charge的英语短语和用法 charge的短语搭配 charge的所有短语


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