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Cheer for the sports meet
Step at dawn are the bell for my training,
Awaking my sleepy heart.
Street lamps at dusk are my close companion,
Watching me going ahead step by step by step silently.
I am not a robust athlete,
But I hope to leave a healthy body to myself.
I am not eager for flowers,
But I long for adding veautiful sights to campus.
I understand deeply,
That it needs imitation of sweats,
But every progress experiences ordeal.
I relize clearly,
That it needs arduous compensation,
But rainbow always appears after storm,
So ,I go ahead as ever,
I look up to the sky with the first rays of sun,
Those are not stars but the eyes of my dear school.
I look back to myself in the evening,
That is not my shadow but my footprint of struggle!推荐访问:shadow

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