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express的短语 express表表达;
显而易见的意思,那么你知道express的短语有 哪些吗接下来小编为大家整理了express的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! express的短语:
express in(v.+prep.) 用…表示〔表达〕 use (sth) put into words The composer expresses his sorrow in his music.这位作曲家用音乐表达 他的悲伤。

express from(v.+prep.) 从…中榨〔挤出〕 press from They can express the juice from grapes to make wine.他们可以从葡萄中 挤出汁来做酒。

express as(v.+prep.) 表示为 give sth a form as sth Anger is often expressed as violence.愤怒常以暴力的形式发泄出来。

explicit, definite, specific, express 这些形容词均含"明确的"之意。

explicit :

definite :
指对所提到的事的范围及其细节毫无疑问,含有明确和确 定界限的意味。

specific :
强调内容明确,毫不抽象、笼统。express :
语气较强,较正式,指不但清楚明确,而且含有直截了当 和有力等的意思。

1. He ran a newspaper stand outside the American Express office. 他在美国运通公司办公大楼外经营一家报摊。

2. Many editorials express their anxieties about the economic chaos in the country. 许多社论对该国经济的混乱状况表示忧虑。

3. It was important for children to learn to express themselves clearly. 孩子学会清楚地表达自己很重要。

4. The regime is dogmatic, and no one dares to express personal opinions. 该政权很专制,没有人敢表达个人意见。

5. Many artists express their world view in their work. 很多艺术家通过作品表达自己对世界的看法。

6. The Daily Express describes Dr Carey as a pretty tough nut. 《每日快报》把凯里医生说成是特别难对付的家伙。

7. He wants to express his deep sympathy to the family. 他想向这家人表示深切的同情。

8. Punctually at 7.45, the express to Kuala Lumpur left Singapore station. 7点45分,开往吉隆坡的特快列车准时驶离新加坡火车站。

9. I would like to express my warmest thanks to the doctors. 我想向医生们表达我最由衷的感谢。

10. The ship was sunk on express orders from the Prime Minister.遵照首相的明确指令,那艘船被击沉了。

11. The troops went AWOL to express their complaints about the camp. 部队擅自撤离了,以表示他们对军营的不满。

12. He paid the whole bill with an American Express card. 他用美国运通卡付了全部账款。

13. He had boarded an express for Rome. 他已经登上了前往罗马的特快列车。

14. We can express that equation like that. 我们可以这样表示那个等式。

15. Men are generally better able to express anger. 男人通常能更好地表达愤怒。推荐访问:短语 Express express的短语 express的固定搭配 express的所有的短语


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