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come短语练习都有哪些词组 1 come to an end 结束 At last winter came to an end. 2.come into…进入……状态 come into being(事物、局面等)产生;形成 Do you know when the universe came into being 3 come to/into power 执政/掌权 He came to power in 1999. 4 come to a decision 做出决定 When will they come to a decision 5 come in 可提供/有/到达 This dress comes in black, brown and red. The train is coming in now. 6 come to do 逐渐地… She had come to see the problem in a new light. 她开始用心的角度看待这个问题。

7 come to nothing毫无成果/失败 Her plans didn’t come to anything. 8 how come 怎么发生的/怎样解释 If she spent five years in Paris, how come her French is so bad 9 When it comes to …当涉及到… When it comes to getting things done, he is useless. 10 come about 发生 Can you tell me how about the things come about 11 come across偶遇;碰到;讲清楚;被理解;给人以…印象 He spoke for a long time, but his meaning didn’t come across.She came across well In the interview. She came across some old photographs in a drawer. 12 come after 追赶/追随 13 come along到达/出现;过来;快点 进展;成功;一道走 When the right opportunity comes along, she will take it. 适当的机会来临时,她会抓住它。

I am glad you came along. Your French has come along a lot recently.(法语进步很大) Come along, we are late already. 14 come round/around再现;恢复知觉;改变看法;短暂访问(优指家) Your mother hasn’t come around. My birthday seems to come around quicker every year. 我的生日似乎一年比一年来得快。

Do come around and see us sometime. He will never come around to our way of thinking. 15. come at 扑向 She came at me with a knife. 16 come by 做短暂的拜访 She came by the house. 17 come out出来;出版 结果是;开花 When is her novel coming out 18 come to sb 被想出;come to sth 共计 The bill came to $100. It suddenly came to her that she had been wrong .19 come up 长出地面;发生;被讨论;走向前 I am afraid that something urgent has come up . The question is bound to come up at the meeting. 这个问题必定会在会上讨论。

20.come true实现 21.come back to life苏醒过来 22.come to the point说到要点,触及问题实质 Let’s come to the point ,otherwise ,we will never reach an agreement. 23 come to light为人所知,显露 It came to light that he was an honest person. 24.come up with提出,想出 25 come into effect 生效 A new law will come into effect soon. 26 come off 发生;举行;成功 They had wanted it to be a surprise but the plan didn’t come off. 27 come up to 达到(高度、程度);符合 28 come up against 碰到(困难) 29 come up with 赶上;提出 30 come back 回来;反驳 come 短语练习:
1. I came _____ him first in Beijing. 2. Come _____, try it again. 3. I"ll help you too if any beast comes _____ you.4. Now, to come _____ to what I was saying a moment ago. 5. It is impossible for a dead animal to come _____. 6. The airplane came _____ in that field. 7. Lei Feng came _____ a poor peasant"s family. 8. How long is it since the electronic computer came _____ use 9. The trees turn green and flowers come _____. 10. This magazine comes _____ once a month. 11. Someday you"ll come _____ know the mistakes you have made. 12. A child came _____ to me and showed me the way. 13. Searching through the drawer, I came _____ the letter I"d been looking for. 1. come across 遇见,发现 2. come on / along 来吧,快点 3. come at 袭 击,向...扑来 4. come back 回来,回到...来 5. come back 复活 6. come down 从 ...下来 7. come from 出生于 8. come into use 使用起来(另 come into being形成,产生come into power 当权 ) 9. come out (花)开放 10. come out 出版 11. come to 来到,达到,结果是 12. come up 走过来,走近 / 长出,发芽 13. come upon 偶然碰上,遇到推荐访问:


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