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famous的反义词是什么 famous表著名的,出名的意思,那么你知道famous的反义词有哪些吗 接下来小编为大家整理了famous的反义词及相关知识,希望对你有帮助哦! famous的反义词 anonymous unknown nameless famous的词组习语 famous for being famous 1. 徒有虚名 famous for fifteen minutes 1. 名声如昙花一现 famous last words 1. 但愿如此 “我靠自己完全没问题。”“但愿如此,”她心里想。

‘I"ll be perfectly OK on my own.’ ‘Famous last words,’ she thought to herself. famous相关同义词辨析 famous, noted, prominent, outstanding, notorious, eminent, notable 这些形容词均含有"著名的,知名的"之意。

famous :

noted :

prominent :

outstanding :
侧重指因素质优良,功绩卓著而超过同类的人或物, 强调"突出"。

notorious :
指因劣迹而臭名昭著,含强烈贬义;但有时也作"众所周 知的"解。

eminent :

notable :
用于指事件时,侧重其重要、值得注意;用于指人时,与 famous同义,但语气较弱。

famous的例句 1. The chalky soil around Saumur produces the famous Anjou wines. 索米尔周围的白垩质土壤出产著名的安茹葡萄酒。

2. The town of whitby was immortalised in Bram Stoker"s famous Dracula story. 惠特比镇因为布拉姆·斯托克著名的吸血鬼故事而名传后世。

3. Later he was to become famous as a pacifist. 后来他就变成了一位知名的和平主义者。

4. With nothing but his own talent, he made himself rich and famous. 他一无所有,仅靠自身才能就变得富有而出名。

5. "Robinson Crusoe" is one of the most famous books in the world. 《鲁宾逊漂流记》是一本世界名著。

6. She was a famous actress, but she wasn"t a bit stuck-up. 她是著名演员,却丝毫没有明星架子。

7. Miss Famous, as she was called, was a gem.“知名小姐”人如其名,是个尤物。

8. Most famous political quotes are plagiarisms and this was no exception. 大部分著名的政治语录都是盗用前人的,这个也不例外。

9. She is a pole dancer at London"s famous Spearmint Rhino club. 她是伦敦著名的“薄荷犀牛”夜总会的钢管舞舞者。

10. They had come to the world"s most famous pick-up joint. 他们来到了全世界最有名的寻花问柳之地。

11. He became world famous for his popularisation of science. 他因对科学知识的通俗化而闻名世界。

12. The discussion took place in a famous villa on the lake"s shore. 商讨是在湖边一座著名的别墅内进行的。

13. The public has an insatiable appetite for stories about the famous. 公众对名人有着难以满足的好奇心。

14. He became famous as an inventor of astonishing visual and aural effects. 他因发明了神奇的视听效果而出名。

15. Julie Burchill is famous for her precocity and rapier wit. 朱莉·伯奇尔因其早慧和机敏而闻名。推荐访问:反义词 famous famous的反义词是什么 famous同义词的反义词 famous反义词前缀

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