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difference的短语 difference表差别,差异的意思,那么你知道difference的短语有哪些吗 接下来小编为大家整理了difference的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! difference的的短语:
make a/no/some difference 1.对某人〔某事物〕有〔没有,有一些〕作用或影响 have an〔no, some〕 effect (on sb/sth) The sea air has made a difference to her health.海上的空气改善了她的 健康状况。

2.对某人〔某事〕重要〔不重要〕 be important, unimportant (to sb/sth) It makes no difference to me what you say: I"m not going.你说的对我来 说都无所谓,我不会走。

make a difference between 区别对待 treat differently She makes no difference between her two sons.她对两个儿子一视同仁。

with a difference 特别的,与众不同的 special;
unusual She"s an opera singer with a difference: she can act well!她这个歌剧演 唱家与众不同,因为她还擅长表演! 同义词辨析:
difference, distinction, discrepancy, discrimination 这些名词都有"差别,区别"之意。difference :
普通用词,可指事物本质上的差异或数量上的差额,也 可指事物在某一方面的差别,还可指人们之间的不同意见。

distinction :
较正式用词,除指事物在本质上的差别外,还指在某 一方面或某一细节上的区分,要在认真观察、研究后才易觉察。

discrepancy :
多用于言论和记述方面,指两物之间缺乏使之相似或 平衡的协调。

discrimination :
侧重指在判断、见识方面的差别,也可指待遇上的 区别。

1. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. 你是什么样的人和你想成为什么样的之间的差距就是,你做了什么。

2. There has always been a difference between community radio and commercial radio. 社区广播电台和商业广播电台一直是有区别的。

3. For a beach resort with a difference, try Key West. 如果想去一个与众不同的海滨度假胜地,那就去基韦斯特吧。

4. The only difference between us is the colour of our skins. 我们之间唯一的差别就是肤色。

5. Research shows a wide difference in tastes around the country. 研究表明全国各地的口味大有不同。

6. The difference is, you are Anglo-Saxons, we are Latins. 差异在于,你们是英国血统,而我们是拉丁裔的。

7. Both teams had tied on points and goal difference. 两支队伍得分和净胜球都相当。8. Perhaps your force of argument might have made some difference. 或许是你的雄辩使情况发生了变化。

9. As one former customer said cynically, "He"s probably pocketed thedifference!" 正如一位愤世嫉俗的旧主顾所说的那样,“他很可能把差额塞进了自 己的腰包!” 10. I can"t really tell the difference between their policies and ours. 我真的看不出他们的政策和我们的有什么不同。

11. It"s here that we come up against the difference of approach. 我们就是在这一点上面临方法上的分歧。

12. The problem simply resulted from a difference of opinion. 这个问题仅仅是由于意见分歧引起的。

13. Nothing I do makes any difference anyway, so why bother 既然我做什么都于事无补,我为什么还要费劲呢 14. There is a big difference in the amounts that banks charge. 银行的收费在数额上有很大的不同。

15. What set tongues wagging was the age difference between the two partners. 这对伴侣年龄上的差异招来了不少闲话。推荐访问:短语 difference difference的短语 有关differences的短语 有关difference的所有词组

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