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八年级上册新目标英语知识点 八年级上册新目标英语知识点(一) 1. body language 身体语言 2. touch noses 碰鼻子 3. nod head 点头 4. best friend 最好的朋友 5. shake hands 握手 6. film star 电影明星 7. each other 互相 8. foreign student 外国学生 9. in fact 事实上 10. stand close to 站得近 11. be late for class 上课迟到 12. move away 离开,搬走 13. eat candy 吃糖果 14. be careful 小心 15. class rule 班规 16. listen to 听 17. stand in line 站成一排 18. enter the lab alone 独自进入实验室19. on time 准时,按时 20. hold on to 抓紧,坚持 ( Hold on.) (电话不挂断) 八年级上册新目标英语知识点(二) 1 We’re going to have some Russian teachers at school tomorrow, I’m welcoming the visitors. 明天我们学校会有一些俄罗斯老师来访,我要去迎接他们。

2 How do I do that 我该怎么做呢 3 I didn’t know that. 我(原来)可不知道。

4 We Chinese often shake hands and smile when we meet visitors, and sometimes we nod our heads . 我们中国人见到来访者的时候经常握手、微笑,有时候点头示意。

5 That’s because people do different things in different countries. 那是因为不同的国家的人做法不同。

6 What do they do 他们做什么 7 Our new foreign students are going to arrive very soon, and here are some ways to welcome them. 我们的外国新生很快就要到了。下面是迎接他们的一些方式。

8 How close do you stand when you talk to a friend 当你和朋友交谈时站得有多近呢 9 But don’t stand too close to…但是不要站的离……人太近! 10 Give them more personal space. 应给他们更多的个人空间。

11 How about touching people 那么关于身体接触呢12 Chinese girls often walk arm in arm with their friends. 中国女孩就常常和朋友手挽着手走在一起。

13 But in Britain many people don’t like other people to touch them at all. 但在英国,许多人一点也不不喜欢别人碰他们。

14 In some places, it isn’t polite to look at people when they talk, but in other countries it isn’t polite to look somewhere else. 在一些地区,交谈时看着对方是不礼貌的,但在另外一些国家,交谈 时看别的地方是不礼貌的。

15 And how do you say goodbye That’s easy, wave to say goodbye. 如何表示告别呢那很简单,挥手告别。

16 In Greece, it’s not at all polite! In fact, it’s very rude! 在希腊,那绝对不是礼貌!事实上,那是很粗鲁的! 八年级上册新目标英语知识点(三) 1. Beijing Opera 京剧 2. the capital of Austria 奥地利首都 3. think about 认为,考虑 4. pop music 流行音乐 5. Western Music 西方音乐 6. dance to 随着…跳舞 7. the center of …的中心 8. European classical music 欧洲古典音乐 9. on the river 坐落在…河畔10. hundreds of wonderful pieces of music 数以百计的美妙的乐曲 11. play music 演奏音乐 12. traditional music 传统音乐 13. take place 发生 14. at the same time 同时 15. watch it on TV 在电视上观看 16. types of music 音乐的类型 17. the rest of 其余的 18. in the last ten years 在过去的十年里 19. at that time 在那时 八年级上册新目标英语知识点(四) 1 This is Western music, isn’t it 这是西方音乐,是吧 2 Is this by Strauss or Mozart It’s by Strauss. 这是斯特劳斯还是莫扎特的作品 是斯特劳斯的作品。

3 Do you know anything about him 你了解他吗 4 What a beautiful city! 多么美丽的城市! 5 This is called The Blue Danube. 这首乐曲叫《蓝色多瑙河》, 6 It goes through Vienna. 它流经维也纳。

7 Listen to this fantastic voice. 你听这绝妙的嗓音。

8 I’m a fan of rock music. 我对摇滚乐很着迷。

9 Give us a break! 让我们清净一会吧!(饶了我们吧!!)10 .It’s so noisy! And much too fast! 太吵了!而且节奏太快了。

11. I don’t believe it! 我简直无法相信! 12 Vienna is a beautiful old city on the River Danube in the centre of Europe. 维也纳是位于欧洲中部多瑙河畔的一座古老而美丽的城市。

13 The father, Johann Strauss the elder, wrote and played music for traditional dances, called the waltz. 父亲老约翰斯特劳斯创作并演奏一种叫华尔兹的古典舞曲。

14 His dance music made him famous all over Europe. 他的舞曲让他闻名于欧洲。

15 He wrote over 150 waltzes. 他谱写了150多首华尔兹舞曲。

16 Mozart was another very important composer. 莫扎特是另一位非常重要的艺术家。

17 Before he was six, he played not only the piano but also the violin. 他不到六岁就不仅会弹钢琴,还会拉小提琴。

18 His family took him around Europe and he gave concerts in many cities. 他的家人带着他周游欧洲并在许多城市巡回演出。

19 He wrote hundreds of wonderful pieces of music. 他谱写了几百部动人的音乐作品。

20 But he became very poor and died in 1791 when he was only 35. 但是他后来变得很贫困,于1791年去世年仅35岁。

21 Like Johann Strauss, father and son, he was a great European musician, and many people still think his music is perfect. 像约翰斯特劳斯父子俩一样,它是一位伟大的欧洲音乐家。现在许多 人依然认为他的音乐是完美的。推荐访问:知识点 英语 新目标 八年级上册新目标英语知识点 新目标八年级上册单词表 悦作业英语周报答案

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