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clean的短语 clean表清洁的;
整齐的意思,那么你知道clean的短语有哪些吗接下来 小编为大家整理了clean的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! clean的短语:
make a clean sweep 彻底清除 dispose of (everything) My roses got some sort of fungus infection so I decided to make a clean sweep and replace the lot with new healthy plants. 我的玫瑰花遭到真菌传染,因此我决定来一个彻底清除,用新的健壮的 玫瑰来替代它们。

keep one"s nose clean 安分守己 stay out of trouble That short prison sentence has done Wilfred good. He"s come out and determined to keep his nose clean in future. 威尔弗雷德受到的短期监禁对他有好处,他出来后决定今后洗手不干。

clean bill of health 1.健康证书 fit certificate I just had a medical examination and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health.我刚进行了体格检查,医生就给了我一份健康证书。

as clean as a whistle 非常干净的 very clean I want you to wash these dishes until they"re as clean as a whistle.我要你 把这些碟子洗得非常干净。

clean through穿过,穿透 right through;
without obstruction The bullet went clean through his arm.子弹一直穿过他的臂膀。

clean, clear, sweep, dust, mop, wipe, scrub 这些动词均有"使干净"之意。

clean :
是这些动词中最常用的词,指将某物或某处的污物等清除掉, 弄干净。

clear :

sweep :

dust :

mop :

wipe :

scrub :

1. They were more concerned about the dogs" welfare than a clean getaway. 他们更加关心那些狗的安危,而非自己如何干净利落地脱身。

2. When he had finished washing he began to wipe the basin clean. 他清洗完后开始把洗脸池擦拭干净。

3. If you kept your nose clean, you had a job for life. 如果你规规矩矩,就可以一辈子都捧着这个饭碗。

4. He rubbed and rubbed but couldn"t seem to get clean.他擦了又擦,可就是擦不干净。

5. The drill should be slowly rotated to ensure a clean hole. 钻头必须缓慢转动,以保证钻孔平整光滑。

6. I would love a hot bath and clean clothes. 要是能洗个热水澡、换身干净的衣服就太好了。

7. She would clean the house from top to bottom. 她会把房子彻底打扫一下。

8. Maybe this guy isn"t so squeaky clean after all. 也许这个人说到底品行并非那么完美。

9. Accusations of tax evasion have tarnished his clean image. 避税的指控使他的清白形象蒙污。

10. Clean the mussels and discard any that do not close. 把贻贝洗干净,凡是合不上口的都扔掉。

11. If you are using the same pan, clean it out. 如果还用同一个平底锅,要把它清理干净。

12. And while I"m out you might clean up the kitchen. 我不在的时候,你打扫一下厨房总该可以吧。

13. She wanted to make a clean break from her mother and father. 她想和父母一刀两断。

14. "His private life is as clean as a whistle," says McSmith. “他的私生活没有任何污点,”麦克史密斯说。

15. Why not wipe the slate clean and start all over again 为什么不洗心革面、从头来过呢推荐访问:短语 Clean clean的短语 与clean有关的短语 clean的动词短语

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