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关于改变的英语作文 关于改变的英语作文篇一:互连网改变生活Internet Change Life Globally, we have moved from a culture centered on network television, cable, AM and FM radio and telephone into a digital society with mass media,streaming information, intelligent computer. To shift to a digital economy, best demonstrated by the explosive growth of the Internet, is transforming everyday products and practices. Ideas expressed in soft wares, chips, communication systems, financial institutions and mass media have enormous leverage worldwide. Beyond emails and online shopping, the Internet promises to change dramatically huge spectrum activities. Its benefits can be well illustrated in the following aspects. 在全球范围内,我们已经从一个文化中心为网络电视,有线电视, AM和FM收音机,电话的社会进入到以大众媒体,信息流,智能计算机的数字社 会。转变成数字经济,最明显体现在互联网的爆增,它正在改变日常产品和实践。

思想体现在软件,芯片,通信系统,金融机构和大众媒体拥有巨大的全球影响力 上。除了电子邮件和网上购物,互联网还承诺大改光谱活动。它的好处可以在以 下几个方面说明。

In the first place, it contributes to escape us from laborious work, save our time, facilitate our lives. Secondly, with computer’s extensive reach into every corner of the world, a perspective of human life can be shown only with a single keystroke. No matter where we are, in school, business workshops, operating rooms, labs, banks of halls of government, the Internet appears to reflect a perspective of human life. Furthermore, computer profits us by relaxation and entertainment it provides. 首先,它有助于我们摆脱费力的工作,节省时间,方便了我们的生活。

其次,计算机的广泛延伸到世界的每个角落,只需一个单一的按键就可以透视人 类生活。不管我们在哪里,在学校,企业车间,手术室,实验室,银行政府大厅, 因特网似乎都可以反映人类生活。此外,电脑不仅提供放松和娱乐还有利润。

But on the other hand, some people debate that it is also inconvenient, waste the time, isolated us from people, and make our lives more complicated. Some people repair the most sophisticated computer but can’t mend a pair of socks. Yet in fact, computer collapse the distances and demolishes all boundaries. Whether computer is a blessing or a curse, depends on different circumstance and the way you use it. 但另一方面,一些人反对说电脑也很不方便,浪费时间,和人们孤立 起来,并使我们的生活更复杂。有些人会修理最复杂的计算机,但却不能修补一 双袜子。但事实上,电脑消灭了距离并拆除所有的界限。计算机是祝福还是诅咒,取决于不同的情况和使用它的方式。

As a new millennium approach, we look forward to constructing a new fantasy land by combination with the wealth this new age will bring and the high technology it will provide. 作为一个新千年的方式,我们期待通过结合这个新时代将带来的财富 与高技术所提供的来建立一个梦想中的乐园 关于改变的英语作文篇二:Changing Ourselves 改变自己 From my point of view, we should change ourselves when the situation can’t be changed any more. Difficulties hide in every corner of our life so we have to face them at times. But the problem is that we sometimes are not able to change the challenging situations at all as our abilities are limited. When it comes, we’d better change our attitude towards these difficulties. Only in this way can we get rid of the tough surroundings and be happy. Something like that happened to me once. There was a time when I was laughed at by my classmates while I was walking. I was puzzled so I asked them why they laughed at me. One of them told me that the way I walked was very strange and funny. I was sad but I just couldn’t change the way I walked. And the situation of being laughed at by those people didn’t stop. Therefore, I changed my attitude towards the incident. I ignored those comments on me and walked as I used to. The comments soon disappeared and I was so glad to have succeeded in the quiet war. So in my opinion, we should change ourselves first and then the situation can be changed at last. It is very difficult for us to change our surroundings but much easier to change ourselves. People around us will see our change, after which they may change their attitude toward us. 关于改变的英语作文篇三:乡村之变 The Changes in Countryside Nowadays, thanks to the reform and opening-up policy, great changes have taken place in countryside. Now let me introduce some changes in details. 如今,由于改革开放政策,在农村发生了巨大变化。现在让我介绍一 些具体的变化。

In the past, farmers used to live in the huts which were in poor quality. They would be destroyed easily in the heavy storm. But nowadays, most farmers have their own houses and flats. Some houses are even bigger and more marvelous than the ones in the city. 过去,农民们常常住在质量差的小屋。这样的小屋在暴雨中很容易会 被破坏。但如今,大多数农民都有自己的房子和公寓。有些房子甚至比城市里的更大、更不可思议。

In the past, farmers usually starved to death in disasters, because they had nothing to eat. But nowadays, farmers can plant many corps to live with or sell them. No wonder that most of them are wealthy. 在过去,农民通常饿死在灾难中,因为他们没有东西可以吃。但现在, 农民可以种植很多庄稼来维持生活或者拿来出售。难怪大部分都是富有的。

In the past, farmers were hardly to see the outside world, since they had to tramp over the mountains if they wanted to go out. But nowadays, many high ways and tunnels have been built, so it’s convenient for them to go out. Moreover, most farmers also have their private cars. Therefore, they can go anywhere they like. 在过去,农民们很难看看外面的世界,因为如果他们想出去的话,他 们不得不徒步翻山越岭。但现在,建立了很多高速公路、隧道,人们出去是很方 便的。此外,大多数的农民也有自己的私家车。因此,他们可以去任何他们喜欢 的地方。

In the past, farmers always suffered from the diseases, because there was no doctor at all. But nowadays, many hospitals have come into being in countryside, so they can be cured in time. 在过去,农民经常遭受病痛,因为根本就没有医生。但如今,在农村 里也有很多医院了,所以他们可以及时得到治愈。

In the past, it was difficult for children to study in countryside. But nowadays, as there are so many schools in countryside, more and more children can get a better education. 在过去,农村的孩子很难去上学。但现在,因为在农村有很多学校, 越来越多的孩子可以得到更好的教育。

What a wonderful life in countryside. Maybe countryside will be more thriving than the city in the near future. 在农村的生活是多么美好啊。也许在不久的将来农村会比城市更加繁 荣。

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