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愚公移山英语故事简短英文版 简短的愚公移山英语故事版本一 Once upon a time, there was a large mountain called Tai-Ying which sat between Old Man Yu and the nearest village. Every day, Old Man Yu had to walk many extra miles in order to circle around Tai-Ying, and finally he decided to simply move the mountain out of his way. Old Man Yu called together his children and grandchildren. "I am going to move Tai-Ying." The family cheered. The youngest stood and asked where the moutain could be moved. Old Man Yu thought for a second. "I will dump it in the sea." Again the family cheered, and promised to help make his dream a reality. Now, as everyone knows, it is no small matter to move a mountain, and this mountain was no exception. After a year, only a tiny portion of Tai-Ying had been carted to the sea. A shopkeeper in the village laughed at Old Man Yu. "Your dream is foolish. You are old, and Tai-Ying is monstrous." Old Man Yu shook his head and smiled. "You are right, but your vision is short. I have children who have children who will bear more children. As time goes on, I get stronger and the mountain grows weaker. Tai-Ying will be moved." And so it was. 简短的愚公移山英语故事版本二 Yugong was a ninety-year-old man who lived at the north of two high mountains, Mount Taixing and Mount Wangwu.Stretching over a wide expanse of land, the mountains blocked yugong"s way making it inconvenient for him and his family to get around. 太行,王屋二山的北面,住了一个九十岁的老翁,名叫愚公。

二山 占地广阔,挡住去路,使他和家人往来极为不便。

One day yugong gathered his family together and said,"Let"s do our best to level these two mountains. We shall open a road that leads to Yuzhou. What do youthink" 一天,愚公召集家人说:「让我们各尽其力,铲平二山,开条道路, 直通豫州,你们认为怎样」 All but his wife agreed with him."You don"t have the strength to cut even a small mound," muttered his wife. "How on earth do you suppose you can level Mount Taixin and Mount Wanwu Moreover, where will all the earth and rubble go" 大家都异口同声赞成,只有他的妻子表示怀疑,并说:「你连开凿一 个小丘的力量都没有,怎可能铲平太行、王屋二山呢况且,凿出的土石又丢到哪 里去呢」 "Dump them into the Sea of Bohai!" said everyone. 大家都热烈地说:「把土石丢进渤海里。

」 So Yugong, his sons, and his grandsons started to break up rocks and remove the earth. They transported the earth and rubble to the Sea of Bohai. 于是愚公就和儿孙,一起开挖土,把土石搬运到渤海去。

Now Yugong"s neighbour was a widow who had an only child eight years old. Evening the young boy offered his help eagerly. 愚公的邻居是个寡妇,有个儿子八岁也兴致勃勃地走来帮忙。

Summer went by and winter came. It took Yugong and his crew a full year to travel back and forth once. 寒来暑往,他们要一年才能往返渤海一次。

On the bank of the Yellow River dwelled an old man much respected for his wisdom. When he saw their back-breaking labour, he ridiculed Yugong saying,"Aren"t you foolish, my friend You are very old now, and with whatever remains of your waning strength, you won"t be able to remove even a corner of the mountain." 住在黄河河畔的智叟,看见他们这样辛苦,取笑愚公说:「你不是很 愚蠢吗你已一把年纪了,就是用尽你的气力,也不能挖去山的一角呢」 Yugong uttered a sigh and said,"A biased person like you will never understand. You can"t even compare with the widow"s little boy!""Even if I were dead, there will still be my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, my great great grandchildren. They descendants will go on forever. But these mountains willnot grow any taler. We shall level them one day!" he declared with confidence. 愚公叹息道:「你有这样的成见,是不会明白的。

你比那寡妇的小 儿子还不如呢!就算我死了,还有我的儿子,我的孙子,我的曾孙子,他们一直 传下去。


」 The wise old man was totally silenced. 智叟听了,无话可说:
When the guardian gods of the mountains saw how determined Yugong and his crew were, they were struck with fear and reported the incident to the Emperor of Heavens.Filled with admiration for Yugong, the Emperor of Heavens ordered two mighty gods to carry the mountains away. 二山的守护神被愚公的坚毅精神吓倒,便把此事奏知天帝。

天帝佩 服愚公的精神,就命两位大力神背走二山。

简短的愚公移山英语故事版本三 In ancient times, there was an old man named Yu Gong. 古时候,有一老人,名字叫愚公。

He was nearly 90 years old. 快九十岁了。

There were two mountains in front of his house. 他家的门口有两座大山。

One was the Taihang Mountain, the other the Wangwu Mountain. 一座叫太行山,一座叫王屋山。

It was very inconvenient for people to come and go. 人们进出非常不方便。

One day, Yu Gong said to the whole family: "These two mountains block the doorway of ourhouse. 一天,愚公对全家人说:“这两座大山,挡在了咱们家的门口。It is very inconvenient for us to come and go. 进出很不方便。

Let our whole family exert efforts to move away these two mountains. How about it" 咱们全家出力,移走这两座大山,好不好” Upon hearing this, all his sons and grandsons said: "You are right. Let us start tomorrow!" 他的儿子、孙子一听,都说:“你说得对,咱们明天就开始干!” But his wife felt it too difficult to move the mountains. 可是,他的妻子觉得搬山太难了。

She said: "Do you know how high these two mountains are 她说:“你们知道,这两座山有多高吗 How can you move such big mountains Where can you put all the stones and earth" 这么大的山,你们怎么把它移走呢哪儿放得下这么多的石头和泥土 呢” Everybody said: "So long as we work hard together, we can certainly move away these twomountains. 大家说:“只要我们一起努力干,就一定能够移走这两座大山。

We can carry the stones and earth of the mountains to the sea." 山上的石头和泥土,我们可以把它们填放到海里去。” The following day, Yu Gong led the whole family and started to move the mountains. 第二天,愚公带着一家人开始搬山了。

His neighbour was a widow with a son, only 7 or 8 years old.他的邻居是寡妇,她有一个孩子,才七八岁。

When he heard of this, he also came to help happily. 听说要搬山,也高高兴兴地来帮忙。

They worked nonstop every day, fearing neither heat in summer nor cold in winter, neither windnor rain. 他们夏天不怕热,冬天不怕冷,不怕刮风,不怕下雨,每天不停地搬。

When a shrewd old man named Zhi Sou saw Yu Gong"s family moving the mountains, hethought it ridiculous and said to Yu Gong: 有个老人叫智雯,很精明。看见愚公一家人在搬山,他觉得很可笑, 就对愚公说: "You are so old that you can hardly walk. Can you move the mountains" “你这么大岁数了,路也走不动了,能搬得动山吗 Yu Gong replied: "You are not even as clever as a child. 愚公回答说:“你还没有小孩子聪明! Though I am about to die, I have sons. 我虽然快要死了,但是我还有儿子。

When my sons die, there are still grandsons. 儿子死了,还有孙子。

Generation after generation, my offspring are endless. 子子孙孙,一直传下去,这是无穷无尽的。

But with more and more stones being removed, smaller and smaller will the mountains become. 山上的石头却是搬走一点儿就少一点儿。

Not a grain of earth or a piece of stone will grow on the mountains. 再也长不出一粒泥、一块石头来的。If we work without stop every day, why can"t we move away the mountains" 我们每天这样不停地搬,为什么搬不走山呢” Zhi Sou, who thought himself clever, had nothing more to say. 自以为聪明的智史听了,再也没有话说了。

Yu Gong led his family digging the mountains continually from early morning till late night. 愚公带领一家人每天起早摸黑挖山不止。

They finally moved God, who sent two celestials to the world to move away these twomountains. 终于感动了上帝,上帝派了两个神仙下凡,把这两座大山搬走了。推荐访问:愚公移山 英语 英文版 愚公移山英语故事简短英文版 愚公移山英文版简短复述 愚公移山英文版简短30

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