hooding ceremony [ceremony的相关短语]

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ceremony的相关短语 ceremony表典礼,仪式;
礼仪的意思,那么你知道ceremony的短语有 哪些吗接下来小编为大家整理ceremony的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! ceremony的短语:
动词+~ abandon a ceremony 取消仪式 attend a ceremony 出席仪式 conduct〔hold, perform〕 a ceremony 举行仪式 observe the ceremony 遵从某一礼仪 organize a ceremony 组织仪式 形容词+~ brief ceremony 简单的仪式 closing ceremony 闭幕式 signing ceremony 签字仪式 opening ceremony 开幕式 traditional ceremony 传统礼仪 名词+~ graduation ceremony 毕业典礼 marriage ceremony 结婚典礼 介词+~speech at the ceremony 仪式上的发言 stand on ceremony 拘礼,讲客套 with ceremony 礼貌周全 without ceremony 礼貌不周全 ~+介词 a ceremony of sb"s birthday 某人的诞辰仪式 ceremony的短语例句:
1. At Miss Garbo"s request there was a crema-tion after a private ceremony. 应嘉宝小姐的要求,在私人悼念仪式结束后将进行火葬。

2. The appointed hour of the ceremony was drawing nearer. 既定的典礼时间就快到了。

3. There is a ceremony of prayer and flagellation before the dancing begins. 舞蹈开始前会举行祈祷和鞭笞的仪式。

4. The dead included six people attending a religious ceremony. 死者包括6位参加宗教仪式的人。

5. They will receive their awards at a ceremony in Stockholm. 他们会在斯德哥尔摩举行的仪式上接受颁奖。

6. The Republic was proclaimed in public with great ceremony. 共和国在公开场合非常隆重地宣布成立。

7. They were married on August 9 in a civil ceremony in Venice. 他们于8月9号在威尼斯举行了世俗婚礼。8. Troops raised the country"s colors in a special ceremony. 部队在一个特殊的仪式上升起了国旗。

9. The ceremony was disrupted by unprecedented heckling and slogan-chanting. 仪式因前所未有的起哄和喊口号声而中断。

10. The competitors cantered into the arena to conclude the closing ceremony. 选手们慢跑进入竞技场,为闭幕式画上了句号。

11. Pressure built yesterday for postponement of the ceremony. 要求推迟仪式的压力昨天进一步增大。

12. In a moment the ceremony was in train. 仪式马上就要开始了。

13. It is an elaborate ceremony, shrouded in mystery. 仪式是精心筹划的,笼罩着一层神秘的色彩。

14. The ceremony was being held outdoors. 该仪式正在户外举行。

15. "Is Hilton here" she asked without ceremony. “希尔顿在吗”她随口问道。推荐访问:短语 相关 ceremony ceremony的相关短语 ceremony短语 ceremony的短语

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