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control的短语 control表示控制;
限制的意思,那么你知道control的短语有哪 些吗接下来小编为大家整理了control的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! control的短语:
beyond control 无法控制 bearing no power to affect it or change it The children were beyond control.这些孩子不听管教。

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot land here.由于出现 了我们无法控制的情况,我们不能在此着陆。

It is beyond my control.这不是我所能控制的。

gain control of 取得对…的控制,控制住… get power over She finally gained control of herself.她终于控制住了自己。

TV reporters said a group of guerrillas had gained control of the town.电 视记者说一群游击队员控制住了这个城镇。

in control of 处于控制地位 having power over They were in control of the southern side of the mountain.他们控制着南 山坡。

She was in complete control of the situation.她已全面控制局势。

lose control of 失去对…的控制 lose power overHe lost all control of himself.他完全失去了自制力。

out of control 失去控制 having no power over it The football fans have got out of control.足球迷们无法控制自己。

outside control 无法控制 having no power over it Such a thing lies outside human control.这样的事是人类无法控制的。

seize control (of) 夺取(对…的)控制权 get power over They did everything to seize control of the town council.他们想尽一切 办法夺取对镇议会的控制。

under control 被控制住 being controlled The fire was got under control before it became serious.大火在蔓延前就 被控制住了。

The police kept the mob under control.警察将暴徒制服。

control, direct, govern, manage, rule, supervise, administer 这些动词均有"管理,支配"之意。

control :

direct :

govern :
侧重指运用任何控制的权力来统治或管理一个国家、一个 社会或一个部门,暗含能力和知识的运用。manage :
强调对具体事务机构进行管理,有时含受权管理或处理之 意。

rule :

supervise :
侧重指运用本身的或被授予的权力来管理、检查工作, 含监督意味。

administer :

1. The volume of scheduled flights is straining the air traffic control system. 定期航班的数量正让空中交通指挥系统不堪重负。

2. The passengers went through immigration control and collected their baggage. 旅客通过入境检查后领取了自己的行李。

3. Condoms are an effective method of birth control if used with care. 如果使用得当,避孕套是很有效的避孕手段。

4. He was making a visible effort to control himself. 他明显是在努力控制自己的情绪。

5. Troops are still in control of the television and radio tower. 军队仍然控制着电视和广播发射塔。

6. Their talks are expected to focus on arms control. 他们的会谈预计会集中讨论军备控制问题。

7. The pill is the most efficient method of birth control. 服用避孕药是最有效的避孕方法。

8. He balanced his budgets by rigid control over public expenditure.他通过严格控制公共开支保持预算平衡。

9. Always buy a heater with thermostat control to save on running costs. 始终购买可调温度的取暖器以节省使用成本。

10. They have to wait for clearance from air traffic control. 他们需要等空中交通管制人员的放行。

11. A number of the French players went nuts, completely out of control. 有几个法国运动员简直是疯了,完全失去了控制。

12. He is still bickering with the control tower over admissible approach routes. 他还在为可采用的进近航线与指挥塔台争执不下。

13. This age-old struggle for control had led to untold bloody wars. 这场由来已久的对控制权的争夺已经引发了无数流血的战争。

14. The company invested thousands in an electronic order-control system. 公司耗资数千购买了一套电子订单管理系统。

15. Use this technique to control your level of arousal. 用这种方法来控制性兴奋程度。推荐访问:短语 control control的短语 control的短语及例句 control短语搭配


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