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compete的短语 compete表示竞赛;
竞争;的意思,那么你知道compete的短语有哪些吗 接下来小编为大家整理了compete的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! compete的短语:
compete against(v.+prep.) 与…抗争 struggle against sb or sth with hope of success The firm is too small to compete against large international companies.这 个公司太小,不能与大跨国公司竞争。

compete for (v.+prep.) 比赛…夺取 try to win sth in competition with sb else Firms from across the country may compete for the contract.全国各地的 公司都可能为承揽这项合同而竞争。

compete with (v.+prep.) 与…抗争 struggle against sb or sth with hope of success 〔说明〕 compete with常不用于进行体。

We try to make the trains run on time, but we can"t compete with weather. 我们努力使火车准点运行,但我们抗争不过天气。

compete, contend, contest, rival 这些动词均可表示"竞争"之意。

compete :
普通用词,含义广泛。既可指体育活动等活动中争取优 胜的相互竞争,也可指为了自己的利益与他人竞争。

contend :

contest :

rival :

1. They are now trying to compete on an equal footing. 他们现在想要公平竞争。

2. Until the matter is resolved the athletes will be ineligible to compete. 除非这个问题得以解决,否则这些运动员没有资格参加比赛。

3. Schools should not compete with each other or attempt to poach pupils. 学校之间不应该相互竞争,也不应该企图挖走彼此的学生。

4. Each year they compete in a prominent statewide bicycle race. 每年他们都要参加著名的全州自行车大赛。

5. Small English orchards can hardly compete economically with larger French ones. 英国的小型果园很难在经济上和法国的大型果园竞争。

6. When I began to compete again, I was struggling with my run-up. 当我重新参赛后,我要解决助跑这一项。

7. Charles has never felt the need to compete with anyone. 查尔斯从未感到有与任何人竞争的必要。

8. They will compete for prizes totalling nearly 3,000. 他们将为总额近3,000英镑的奖金展开争夺。

9. Lewis will compete in both sprints in Stuttgart. 刘易斯将参加在斯图加特举行的两个短跑项目的比赛。10. Canadian business cannot compete head-to-head with American business. 加拿大企业无力同美国企业正面交锋。

11. The company must reduce costs to compete effectively. 公司要有效地参与竞争必须降低成本。

12. The price must be right in order to compete internationally. 为了在国际上竞争,定价必须适当. 13. These products are of high quality and able to compete internationally. 这些产品品质很好,在国际市场上有竞争能力. 14. Dubbed foreign language films will not be allowed to compete for best film. 外国译制片不得参加最佳影片的角逐。

15. It made it almost impossible for the smaller retailer to compete against the multiples. 这使得小零售商几乎不可能跟连锁店竞争。推荐访问:短语 compete compete的短语 competeagainst造句

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