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submit的过去式和用法例句 submit的过去式和其他时态 过去式: submitted 过去分词: submitted 现在分词: submitting submit的用法 submit的用法1:submit的基本意思是“服从”,指顺从某人的意愿或权威, 使自身无法反抗或失去了反抗的念头,强调在抵抗了另一人的意志后确认反抗不 会奏效而绝对的服从。

submit的用法2:submit还可表示“提出”“认为”,作“认为”解时是法律术 语。

submit的用法3:submit可用作及物动词,也可用作不及物动词。用作 及物动词时,后接名词、代词或that从句作宾语。可用于被动结构。

submit的过去式例句 1. He has submitted himself to the will of God. 他让自己听从上帝的意志。

2. We were very encouraged, after over 17,000 pictures were submitted. 提交了17,000多张图片,这让我们信心大增。

3. He has submitted a bid to resuscitate the struggling magazine. 他已经投标来拯救这个岌岌可危的周刊。

4. If I submitted to their demands, they would not press the allegations. 如果那时我答应他们的要求,他们就不会坚持那些指控了。5. He struck a blow against being submitted to the enemy. 他反对向敌人投降. 6. Counsel submitted that there was no case against his client. 辩护人辩称没有什么可加罪于他的当事人. 7. The developers submitted building plans to the council for approval. 开发商把施工方案提交议会以求批准. 8. The report was submitted to the commission for its consideration. 这份报告已呈报委员会审批. 9. The students have submitted their essays to their tutors. 学生把论文递交给导师. 10. He formally submitted his resignation. 他正式提交了辞呈. 11. I submitted my resignation yesterday. 我昨天递交了辞呈. 12. He submitted unwillingly to his mother. 他不情愿地屈服于他母亲. 13. The manuscripts were submitted anonymously. 原稿是匿名送交的. 14. They submitted an interim report. 他们递交了一份临时报告. 15. He submitted the report to the committee. 他向委员会呈交了一份报告.推荐访问:例句 用法 过去式 submit的过去式和用法例句 submit单词用法 submit用法及搭配

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